Anna Anna is an artist who specializes in bold, graphic, and bright color work. Due to her love of pop culture, history, and music she often gravitates towards work which references these categories, portrait work especially. From a young age she surrounded herself with creative outlets due to the fact that she was always more of a loner. A musician of 15 years and a hairdresser since high school, she always immersed herself in some type of art. She always had a penchant for drawing and did so regularly all throughout her life. She mixed her busy schedule of studies in science and mathematics with as many art classes as possible. Throughout high school and college always put pressure on herself to do what was “practical” or “marketable” rather than what would make her happy. That was until she was given the opportunity to get into tattooing which meant that she would be able to be creative for a living. Though it was a frightening risk to take at first she plunged into it and has made it her life since then. Anna is an artist that is always learning, growing, and creating and is focused on building a colorful and bold portfolio.

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