Lawrence "EL" Moore Lawrence Moore III, respectfully known as “El”, has been immersed in the tattoo in the tattoo industry for over eight years. A Delaware native, most may know him from his previous residency at The G Spot Tattoos. He is extremely excited to continue on the next step in his journey being a valuable member of the PUSH Tattoo team. Don’t take his calming demeanor for a lack of knowledge. Lawrence is well versed in various depictions of art. As a Dragon Ball Z and Marvel fanatic, his love for animation transcends through his artwork. With the tattoo industry constantly evolving, Lawrence makes it a point to stay well-informed on the newest techniques in order to be the best at what he does. If you’re looking for black and grey realism and animation tattoos along with an overall memorable experience, he is the man you want to see. When he’s not working, you will still find him perfecting his profession. Whether it be through painting on canvas, or designing clothing, he has a true passion for art and creativity.