Oba Jackson As an African American, most of Oba’s art was African American themed until about the age of 20, because of the limitations he placed on himself as an artist. Work and time dedicated to family did not allow for Oba to continue concentrated paintings. Oba then ventured into photography, digital arts and editing because it was a quicker medium to express his art. Oba continued his career and explored his interest in fashion and has since created and studied fashion & design. Within three years, he was able to focus on his identity an artist, and how to integrate high fashion into art with graphics and photography. Around this that time, Oba was really able to find his voice as an artist, placing emphasis and value on finishing, presence and quality. Inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali, John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld, Oba has a hard time giving his art a description as he feels it always grows from a new thought. “Creativity is one of those fleeting things; like a breeze. If you don‘t catch when it comes, you will miss it. Trust inspired thought.”